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The number 2 al Qaeda killed with 5 strokes

New York – To contact Ahmed, battle name Abu Muhammad al-Masri, considered the number 2 of al Qaeda and the mind of the attacks of 1998 to the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (224 dead and hundreds of injured), he was killed in Iran three months ago by two Mossad agents on behalf of the US. New York Times scoop, from intelligence sources, unveils an intrigue of international espionage and an unprecedented background of the relations between Shiite Iran and Sunni Islamic terrorism. Tehran, however, denies the reconstruction as "a Hollywood-worthy scenario". Al-Masri, 58 years, Egyptian origin, was one of the founders of the organization and is believed to be the first in line after its current leader Ayman al-Zawahri. The FBI had offered 10 millions of dollars for his capture and his photo is still on the most wanted list. For the Nyt, he was shot in the car by two motorcyclists with 5 gun shots.

The incredible letter from Archbishop Viganò to Donald Trump

Mister President,
we are witnessing in these months the formation of two sides that I would call biblical: the children of light and the children of darkness. The children of light constitute the most conspicuous part of humanity, while the children of darkness represent an absolute minority; yet the former are subject to a sort of discrimination which places them in a situation of moral inferiority with respect to their opponents, who often hold strategic posts in the state, in politics, in the economy and also in the media. For an apparently inexplicable phenomenon, the good are hostage to the wicked and those who help them out of interest or fear.
These two sides, as biblical, they propose the clear separation between the lineage of the Woman and that of the Serpent. On the one hand there are how many, even with a thousand flaws and weaknesses, they are animated by the desire to do good, to be honest, start a family, engage in work, to give prosperity to the homeland, to help the needy and to deserve, in obedience to the Law of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.
On the other are those who serve themselves, they have no moral principles, they want to demolish the family and the nation, exploit workers to get rich wrong, foment internal divisions and wars, accumulate power and money: for them the fallacious illusion of temporal well-being will reveal - if they do not repent - the terrible fate that awaits them, away from God, in eternal damnation.
In the society, Mister President, these two opposing realities coexist, eternal enemies as eternally enemies are God and Satan. And it seems that the children of darkness - which we easily identify with that deep state which she wisely opposes and which wages war fiercely even in these days - wanted to discover their cards, as it were, showing their plans now.
They were so sure that everything was already under control, to have put aside that circumspection that until now had at least partially concealed their true intent. The investigations already underway will reveal the real responsibilities of those who managed the Covid emergency not only in the health sector, but also political, economic and media.
We will probably find that even in this colossal social engineering operation there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.
We will also discover that the uprisings of these days have been provoked by how many, seeing the virus fade inexorably and diminish the social alarm of the pandemic, they necessarily had to provoke unrest because they were followed by that repression that, while legitimate, will be condemned as an unjustified assault on the population.
The same thing is also happening in Europe, in perfect synchrony. It is quite clear that the use of street protests is instrumental for the purposes of those who would like to be elected, to the next presidential elections, a person who embodies the purposes of the deep state and who is a faithful and convinced expression of it.
It will not be surprising to learn, in a few months, that behind those vandalism and violence once again hide those who, in the dissolution of the social order, they hope to build a world without freedom: solve et Coagula, teaches the Masonic adage.
Although it may seem disconcerting, the alignments I mentioned are also found in the religious sphere. There are faithful shepherds who feed the flock of Christ, but also unfaithful mercenaries who try to disperse the flock and feed the sheep to birds of prey.
And it is not surprising that these mercenaries are allies of the children of darkness and hate the children of light: as there is a deep state, so there is also a deep Church that betrays its duties and denies its commitments before God. That, the invisible Enemy, that good rulers fight in public affairs, is fought by good pastors in the ecclesiastical sphere. A spiritual battle that I also spoke about in my recent appeal launched last 8 May.
For the first time the United States has a President in you who bravely defends the right to life, that he is not ashamed to denounce the persecutions of Christians in the world, which speaks of Jesus Christ and the right of citizens to freedom of worship. Your participation in the March for Life, and more recently the proclamation of April as a National Child Abuse Prevention Month are gestures that confirm in which side you want to fight. And I dare to believe that we are both battle companions, even with different weapons.
For this reason, I believe that the attack that she was subjected to after the visit to the National Shrine of St. John Paul II is part of the media narrative orchestrated not to fight racism and to bring social order., but to exasperate the spirits; not to do justice, but to legitimize violence and crime; not to serve the truth, but to favor a political faction.
And it is disconcerting that there are bishops - like the ones I recently denounced - that, with their words, they prove that they are deployed on the opposite side. They are subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to the single thought, to the New World Order which they increasingly invoke in the name of a universal brotherhood that has nothing Christian, but which also evokes the Masonic ideals of those who would like to dominate the world by driving God out of the courts, from schools, by families and perhaps also by churches.
The American people are mature and have now understood how much the mainstream media don't want to spread the truth, but keep it silent and distort it, spreading the lie useful for the purposes of their masters. It is important, however, that the good people - who are in the majority - wake up from the torpor and do not accept being deceived by a minority of dishonest people with untrustworthy ends. Coupons are required, the children of light, come together and raise their voices.
What more effective way to do it, praying to the Lord to protect you, Mister President, the United States and all humanity from this huge attack by the Enemy? The deceptions of the children of darkness will fall before the power of prayer, their plots will be revealed, their betrayal will be shown, that power that frightens until it is brought to light and is shown for what it is will end up in nothing: hellish deception.
Mister President, my prayer is constantly addressed to the beloved American nation where I had the privilege and honor of being sent by Pope Benedict XVI as apostolic nuncio. In this dramatic and decisive hour for all humanity, She is in my prayer, and with you also those who work alongside you in the United States government. I trust that the American people will join me and you in prayer to Almighty God.
United against the invisible enemy of all humanity, I bless you and the First Lady, the beloved American nation and all men and women of good will.
+ Carlo Maria Viganò
Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana, former Apostolic Nuncio in the United States of America

From the Ukrainian Orthodox Pope Francis, for the churches the clash is between nationalism and universalism

by The Daily (Riccardo Cristiano) – Saturday 5 January Patriarch Bartholomew signed the Tomos that recognize the autonomy of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, attracting the ire of the Patriarchate of Moscow and All Russia. In Moscow in fact they believe that territory is canonically subjected to their patriarch. But from Constantinople Bartholomew she replied that the Church embraces the Ukrainian people "as a real mother" stressing that he had always acted in the "desired services" and "the interests of his children". To explain, on a previous occasion, Bartholomew recalled the tremendous history of Soviet Ukraine, he suffered the crime dell'Holomodor, ie "to inflict death by hunger", when the Soviet collectivization ordered by Stalin caused the death of millions of kulaks in particular in Ukraine, Soviet breadbasket.
This memory is very important to understand the complex relationship between Ukrainian faithful and patriarchy which is called "Moscow and all the Russias". It is thus clarified the misunderstanding that haunts the Orthodox Church: this is also a Catholic Church, ie universal, and has a first among equals, the Patriarch of Constantinople, and it is organized in different countries. He could leave the Orthodox Ukrainians in a story of rejection and they perceive even the imperial? The attention to Moscow's Russian-speaking faithful is another piece that shows the risk of mother with children and stepchildren. The perception that for Moscow as for old romanal'unità Curia is a process that starts from the center to reach out and shape the suburbs is evident, while Francesco Bartolomeo as the unit is a process that starts from the suburbs to give way to the center. Only in this way can become real for its decision in 1872 the pan-Orthodox synod specifically condemned as heresy the "phyletism", namely the idea that the Church should be divided by ethnic lines: "We denounce, censure and condemn the phyletism, namely, racial discrimination and disputes, rivalry? and disagreements on a national basis in the Church of Christ as antithetical to the teachings of the Gospel and the holy canons of our blessed Fathers, who supported the Holy Church and, Order the entire Christian ecumene, guiding it to the mercy? divine ". It is the same vision of the Church that led the Catholic Church not to allow in any case the universal jurisdiction to the particular Churches.
A few hours after this important 5 January, Sunday 6 January, Pope Francis has made an appeal: "For several days 49 People are saved in the Mediterranean Sea on board two ships Ong, in search of a safe haven where land. I address a heartfelt appeal to European leaders, because they demonstrate concrete solidarity with these people ". The choice of Bartholomew and the appeal of Pope Francis have much in common. It is known an ancient rabbinic tale in which the rabbi asks learners when you can say you start the end of the night and start the day. Received no satisfactory answers answers: "When looking face any man you see that your brother: because if we fail to do this whatever the time of day, it is always night ". These words are very similar to those found in the First Letter of John: "We love because he first loved us. Be one says: 'I love God,' and hates his brother, It is a liar. Who does not love his brother whom he sees, He can not love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him: who loves God, You must also love his brother ".
Act clearly inspired by the need to love "as a real mother" a Church 40 millions of faithful, not a few hundred thousand as in the case of other churches who have not obtained the autocephalous, the recognition of the Church in Ukraine has led to reactions that begin to see in the Orthodox world, and one can hardly doubt that the "fraternal" closeness already expressed by the Serbian Church in Moscow and that of Antioch, that Syrian, comes from more than a full membership of those governments to Kremlin policy. And what does this say to Orthodox Christianity? What vision, which catholicity, ie universality, Orthodox message this sends? The Great Cathedral of Banja Luka headed to Tsar Nicholas II appears the herald of an expansion that the patriarchs can not ignore. Remembering the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, who could condemn the Croatian crimes such as those Serbs helps explain why the throne-altar alliance can only produce a crisis of the universality of the Christian message and the value that the Church has for a country and for the world.
This is also true in our space. The idea of ​​a nationalist Christianity, that takes possession of religious symbols in the name of what is now called the "ideology before the natives", easily passes by nationalism which denies the other - as in the case of Russia and Ukraine (both extremes) - exaltation of the defense of the poor indigenous people at the expense of the poor foreigners, disputing to Pope Francis a supposed favor for the poor do not own the "nation", ie birth. Both criticisms are related. It is the nationalization of solidarity, that independent of the actual solidarity. In fact the work of Catholic charities is not directed only to asylum seekers, refugees or immigrants, but to all those who are in need, In fact, if they are 197.332 people who in 2017 They have turned to Caritas counseling centers located in 185 diocese, of these the 42,2% is Italian. Once turn to soup kitchens was "difficult" for an Italian, Today Italians are many elderly who consult the tables of the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Little Sisters of the Poor,the Arch of Ss. Sacramento and many other.
The return of nationalism has numerous causes, among which are paramount the distortions of the real globalization and fragility often self-centered international agencies. That, in his recent address to the diplomatic corps, Bergoglio did not condemn someone, It indicated as a wrong globalization, not respectful of differences, She has led to impair important achievements. "It is the result of the reaction in some areas of the world to a globalization that developed in some ways too quickly and messily, so that between the globalization and localization it produces a voltage. We must therefore pay attention to the global dimension without losing sight of what is local. Before the idea of ​​a 'spherical globalization', leveling the differences and particularities in which seem to disappear, it's easy to re-emerge nationalisms, while globalization can also be an opportunity when it is 'multifaceted', or it promotes a positive voltage between the identity of each people and country and globalization itself, according to the principle that the whole is greater than the part. Some of these attitudes refer to the period between the two world wars, during which the populist and nationalistic tendencies prevailed on the action of the League of Nations. The re-emergence today of these drives is gradually weakening the multilateral system, with the outcome of a general lack of confidence, a crisis of credibility in international politics and a progressive marginalization of the most vulnerable members of the family of nations ".
conflicts, the opposites, not be denied, but governed to achieve a unit multiform, who knows how to create new life. In an interview with Father Antonio Spadaro, Pope Francis said: "The opposition opens a path, a way to go. Speaking more generally, I must say that I love the opposition. Romano Guardini has helped me with a book to me important, The polar opposition. He spoke of a polar opposition in which the two opposites do not cancel. It even happens that one pole destroy each other. There is no contradiction or identity. For him, the opposition is resolved in a higher plane. In that solution, however, it remains the bipolar voltage. The voltage remains, do not cancel. The limits are not exceeded denying. The opposition help. Human life is structured as oppositional. And that's what also happens in the Church. The voltages need not necessarily be resolved and approved, I am not like contradictions ".

Isis: there is no trace of the Caliph,it

Beirut from Jordan Stable,,it,The Kobane,,hu,in the rear of the battle of Raqqa,,it,among American specialists who instructed Kurdish guerrillas there was some veteran hunters,,it,special units in,,it,He had chased Saddam Hussein,,it,Ayman,,en,fluent in Arabic colloquial Iraqi,,it,He had been part of the Ivy group among those in charge of breaking the wall of silence that protected the tribal raiss,,it,new "hunters",,it,Also strong advice of veterans like Ayman,,it,erano to Raqqa,,es,a Mosul,,en,The prey was another,,it,Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,,ar,But few believed that you would be left trapped,,it,And so it was,,it,Of the Caliph there is no trace,,it,Specialists have tried in the rubble,,it,Fosse was killed,,it,buried under a deluge of bombs,,it,something would emerge,,it (The Press) – A Kobane, nelle retrovie della battaglia di Raqqa, fra gli specialisti americani che istruivano i guerriglieri curdi c’era qualche reduce dei cacciatori, l’unità speciale che nel 2003 aveva inseguito Saddam Hussein. Ayman, fluente nell’arabo colloquiale iracheno, aveva fatto parte del gruppo edera fra quelli incaricati di rompere il muro di omertà tribale che proteggeva il raiss. In 2017 i nuovi «cacciatori », forti anche dei consigli di veterani come Ayman, erano a Raqqa, a Mosul. La preda era un’altra, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Ma in pochi credevano che si sarebbe lasciato intrappolare. Ed è stato così. Del califfo non c’è traccia. Gli specialisti hanno cercato fra le macerie. Fosse stato ucciso, sepolto sotto un diluvio di bombe, qualcosa sarebbe emerso. It is true that his last sign of life is the audio at the beginning of the battle of Mosul,,it,but the most probable hypothesis is that it is on the run,,it,although the Russians believed to have him killed by a raid on,,it,May,,it,The Americans have denied services,,it,The hunt continues,,it,There are three main tracks,,it,The first is a getaway in style Saddam Hussein,,it,The raiss fleeing Baghdad in early April,,it,and manages to hide until the,,it,He does this in his homeland,,it,Tikrit,,en,a hundred kilometers from the capital,,it,The hideout,,it,a hole in a country house,,it,It is in the village of Al-Daur,,it,A cover is the locals,,it,of his own tribe,,it,Al,,en,Baghdadi was born in Samarra,,it,between Baghdad and Tikrit,,it,the same tribal environment,,it, November 2016, ma l’ipotesi più probabile è che sia in fuga, anche se i russi credevano di averlo eliminato con un raid il 28 maggio del 2017. I servizi americani hanno smentito, la caccia continua. Sono tre le piste principali.

In the desert
La prima è una fuga in stile Saddam Hussein. Il raiss fugge da Baghdad all’inizio di aprile del 2003 e riesce a nascondersi fino al 13 December. Lo fa nella sua terra d’origine, Tikrit, a cento chilometri dalla capitale. Il nascondiglio, un buco sotto una casa di campagna, è nel villaggio di Al-Daur. A coprirlo è la gente del posto, della sua stessa tribù. Al- Baghdadi è nato a Samarra, fra Baghdad e Tikrit, stesso ambiente tribale, edged Bedouins along the Tigris in the thirteenth century,,it,The most logical and easy to get shelter is in some village inhabited by his,,it,at that dell'Anbar desert stretching from the Tigris to the border with Syria,,it,inhabited by nomadic herders who now,,it,Instead of camels,,it,off-road use,,it,camouflaged,,it,with around a small circle of loyalists,,it,the caliph could move unobtrusively,,it,and prepare "the rebirth from the ashes" of the Islamic State,,it,as he had done between,,it,after General David Petraeus had destroyed the Iraqi Al-Qaeda,,it,The African route,,it,The Caliph, however, knows that the second phase of the offensive conducted by the US-led coalition,,it,and the Russian-Iranian,,it,It aims to prevent a repeat of the scenario,,it. Il rifugio più logico e facile da raggiungere è in qualche villaggio abitato dai suoi, in quel deserto dell’Anbar che si estende dal Tigri fino al confine con la Siria, abitato da pastori nomadi che ora, invece dei cammelli, usano i fuoristrada. Mimetizzato, con attorno una piccola cerchia di fedelissimi, il califfo potrebbe muoversi senza dare nell’occhio, e preparare «la rinascita dalla ceneri» dello Stato islamico, come aveva fatto fra il 2008 and the 2011, dopo che il generale David Petraeus aveva distrutto l’Al-Qaeda irachena.

La rotta africana
Il califfo però sa che la seconda fase dell’offensiva condotta dalla coalizione a guida Usa, e da quella russo-iraniana, ha come obiettivo impedire che si ripeta lo scenario del 2013, the rebirth,,it,The drones continue to fly over the desert,,it,the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates,,it,Handpieces special forces infiltrate territories still controlled by ISIS,,it,The size of,,it,million starts to become spies for a stronger incentive of fear,,it,And Saddam,,it,at the end,,it,it has been found,,it,It faces the latter,,it,An escape out of Mesopotamia,,it,The hunters follow a second track,,it,before crossing the porous border between Syria,,it,and then it comes up in Sinai,,it,The Middle East services have raised the alarm on the transfer of "hundreds of foreign fighters" in Northern Egypt,,it,The Wilaya Sinai is in excellent health,,it,and to a level of cruelty of the worst moments of Raqqa,,it,as evidenced by the massacre of,,it,Sufi worshipers last,,it,Come Bin Laden,,en. I droni continuano a sorvolare il deserto, le valli del Tigri e dell’Eufrate. Manipoli di forze speciali si infiltrano nei territori ancora controllati dall’Isis. La taglia da 25 milioni comincia a diventare per le spie un incentivo più forte della paura. E anche Saddam, alla fine, è stato trovato. Si affaccia la seconda ipotesi. Una fuga fuori dalla Mesopotamia. I cacciatori seguono una seconda pista, che attraversa prima il confine poroso fra Siria, Iraq, Jordan, e poi arriva fino in Sinai. I servizi mediorientali hanno lanciato l’allarme sul trasferimento di «centinaia di foreign fighters» nel Nord dell’Egitto. La Wilaya Sinai è in ottima salute, e a un livello di crudeltà pari ai peggiori momenti di Raqqa, come dimostra il massacro di 300 fedeli sufi lo scorso 24 November.

Come Bin Laden
The Sinai is also the terminus of jihad highway running through North Africa from Mauritania to Egypt,,it,If he managed to get there,,it,the caliph can move on one of the most promising fronts for jihadists,,it,Voices,,it,unfounded,,it,They had given him back in Sirte,,it,Libya today looks to Syria and Iraq of,,it,weak central power,,it,tribal clashes,,it,ethnic rivalries,,it,trafficking,,it,Even Libya,,it,It is under close surveillance by drones and special forces,,it,And the local Isis is reduced to a few hundred fighters,,it,It remains one last assumption,,it,Not chiama Khorasan District,,sw,the province that encompasses Afghanistan and Pakistan,,it,The Russian intelligence services have reported an exodus of thousands of foreign fighters Central Asian,,it,even European,,it. Se è riuscito ad arrivare fin lì, il califfo può muoversi su uno dei fronti più promettenti per i jihadisti. Voci, infondate, lo avevano dato a Sirte già nel 2016. La Libia di oggi assomiglia alla Siria e all’Iraq del 2013: potere centrale debole, scontri tribali, rivalità etniche, traffici. Anche la Libia, but, è sotto stretta sorveglianza da parte di droni e forze speciali. E l’Isis locale è ridotto a poche centinaia di combattenti. Resta un’ultima ipotesi. Si chiama Wilaya Khorasan, la provincia che abbraccia Afghanistan e Pakistan. I servizi russi hanno segnalato l’esodo di migliaia di foreign fighters centrasiatici, persino europei, from Syria to the Afghan mountains,,it,Al-Baghdadi,,ar,come Osama bin Laden,,en,She may have found her hiding in the stronghold of Sunni jihadism,,it,little distant,,es,by his rival,,it,the current Al-Qaeda leader,,it,Ayman Al-Zawahiri,,ar,With a risk,,it,the Taliban,,da,Al-Qaeda allies,,it,nell'Isis see an intruder to destroy,,it,The caliph must guard by US special forces but also by former al-Qaeda friends,,it. Al-Baghdadi, come Osama bin Laden, potrebbe aver trovato il suo nascondiglio nella roccaforte dello jihadismo sunnita. Poco distante, perhaps, dal suo rivale, l’attuale leader di Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Con un rischio: i taleban, alleati di Al-Qaeda, vedono nell’Isis un intruso da distruggere. Il califfo deve guardarsi dalle truppe speciali americane ma anche dagli ex amici qaedisti.

Buddhist monks in Asia,,it,"Via Muslims,,it,They are a threat ",,it: “Via i musulmani, sono una minaccia”

Bangkok (Carlo Pizzati de La Stampa) – I giganteschi cartelloni sovrastano il panorama nell’autostrada che porta verso l’aeroporto, sopra le vie delle grandi città, tappezzano i centri commerciali: la testa di un Buddha marchiata da una grande croce rossa per indicare il divieto a esportare sculture sacre, ma anche la proibizione severa di non indossare immagini del Buddha. Niente musica Buddha Bar, niente Buddha Chic o Buddha Fashion: è tutto blasfemo nella Thailandia che riscopre un fondamentalismo buddista che sta dilagando anche nello Sri Lanka e in Birmania, cioè nelle tre nazioni del buddismo Theravada del Sud-Est asiatico. L’anziano re è stato sepolto da pochi giorni a Bangkok e già l’immagine di suo figlio ricopre altri poster nella metropoli più cosmopolita dell’Asia contemporanea. Buone notizie per la giunta militare, visto che il nuovo re sta lasciando mano libera ai golpisti. Ma mentre nel 2007 i monaci buddisti protestavano pacificamente contro il governo, ora la nuova generazione di monaci usa parole e fatti ben più belligeranti. Contro l’Islam. La paura dell’invasione Incitare alla violenza è uno dei quattro atti proibiti che causano la scomunica dall’ordine dei monaci buddisti, quindi si parla solo di atti di violenza per difendersi, mai per attaccare. Difendersi da chi? Da un’esigua minoranza islamica che si percepisce come impegnata in una guerra demografica per occupare il Paese. Ma si parla anche di una possibile minaccia esterna. Alla frontiera del Sud thailandese le schermaglie con i nemici islamici aumentano. E i soldati scortano i monaci fino ai templi, cosa che non piace ai citta- dini musulmani, perché vedono i militari come il braccio armato di un buddismo sempre meno pacifista. Tant’è che un monaco è stato davvero scomunicato per quest’editto: «Per ogni buddista ucciso, bruceremo una moschea». Eppure in questi Paesi i buddisti sono maggioranza schiacciante: the 93% in Thailandia, in Birmania l’88 e nello Sri Lanka il 70. Nonostante ciò, molti monaci si sentono in stato d’assedio. E incitano a reagire. Per giustificarlo, i teologi vanno a rivangare i testi sacri. A proposito delle guerre in difesa del Buddha ingaggiate dal suo benefattore, il re Pasenadi, il fondatore di questa religione proclamò che «uccidendo, vinci il tuo uccisore, conquistando hai la meglio su chi ti conquisterà». Violenza chiama violenza. Tradizione e testi sacri Questo, per i buddisti militanti del Sud-Est asiatico vuol dire che il Buddha aveva capito che la violenza non è necessariamente un valore negativo in assoluto. È sbagliato l’uso aggressivo della forza, ma esiste il diritto di autodifesa. That, contenere l’espansione delle comunità islamiche viene interpretato come un modo per tutelare il buddismo. Anche a costo di incitare al genocidio. Secondo la Grande Cronaca dei cingalesi buddisti dello Sri Lanka, dopo una battaglia contro i Tamil induisti, il re Dutugamunu, roso dal rimorso per il massacro causato, chiese consiglio agli anziani monaci che gli risposero che in realtà aveva ucciso solo una persona e mezza: un buddista e un laico recentemente convertito. Il resto degli induisti? «Miscredenti, uomini dalla vita malvagia, da considerare come bestie». Queste sono le argomentazioni usate anche dal monaco cingalese trentasettenne Galagoda Atte Ganasara, fondatore del Bodu Bala Sena (BSS), la Forza del Potere Buddista, ora attiva in tutto il Sud-Est asiatico buddista. Ed ecco spiegato anche il contesto del massacro dei rohingya nel Nord della Birmania. Anche a Yangon c’è un leader carismatico buddista che s’è già guadagnato la copertina di «Time» incitando a questa cosiddetta forma di «autodifesa attiva». Estremisti e nazionalisti Il «bin Laden birmano», com’è stato ribattezzato il monaco che si fa chiamare solo Wirathu, è chiarissimo. «Non è il momento per la calma. È il momento di reagire, il momento di far ribollire il sangue ». Si definisce un cane da guardia: «Non mordo, ma abbaio per svegliare i padroni di casa e far sì che si difendano. I musulmani si riproducono in fretta, ci rubano le donne, le violentano. Vorrebbero occupare il nostro Paese. Ma non glielo permetterò. La Birmania deve restare buddista». Ed è infatti questa la linea di difesa del clero buddista a Rakhine, la regione al confine con il Bangladesh dove l’esodo della minoranza musulmana sta continuando, e dove si prevedono altre decine di migliaia di arrivi nei campi profughi nei prossimi giorni: non causare feriti e morti direttamente, in quanto monaci, ma incitare le milizie paramilitari buddiste a farsi giustizia da soli e a cacciare la «minacce interne» alla Birmania buddista.

Così i jihadisti dell’Isis ottenevano i fondi per la disoccupazione

di Lucio Di Marzo (Il Giornale) – Sono partiti per l’Iraq e per la Siria, per creare un nuovo Stato (Islamico) ora al collasso, ma non hanno mai rinunciato a percepire i soldi che un altro Stato (theirs) gli assegnava mensilmente. È un’inchiesta di Le Figaro a rivelare come molti jihadisti francesi continuino a intascarsi i sussidi per la disoccupazione o per la casa, pure se hanno “traslocato” armi e bagagli in Medioriente e qualcosa da fare (con l’Isis) se lo sono trovato.
Uno scandalo che riguarda circa il 20% dei jihadisti con passaporto francese che hanno lasciato la madrepatria per arruolarsi nell’Isis, con il risultato che a finanziare le casse dello Stato islamico è stata anche la Francia, come dicono i dati della Brigata per la caccia ai finanziamenti del terrorismo.
I sussidi dei miliziani venivano prelevati dalle famiglie o da persone vicine a loro e poi spediti in Siria o in Iraq con una rete di corrieri. At least 210 sono stati identificati come persone di nazionalità turca o libanese. 190, now, i militanti identificati come beneficiari dei soldi dati dallo Stato.

Today 2 August 2017 Al-Baghdadi è ancora vivo

Unfortunately, Al-Baghdadi has escaped to the Russian raids that seemed to have killed,,it,as confirmed by the General Stephen Townsend,,it,commander of the anti-coalition Isis,,it,The Kurds and avanzanao,,it,Raqqa is great although only a quarter of Mosul,,it,the guerrillas face unforeseen difficulties,,it,The Isis is prepared with a different tactic,,it,He left the city less and less civilian fighters,,it,He has amassed sufficient food supplies and filled the tunnels under the city with fuel,,it,weapons,,it,munitions,,it, come ha confermato il generale Stephen Townsend, comandante della coalizione anti-Isis. I Curdi avanzanao e, anche se Raqqa è grande un solo quarto di Mosul, i guerriglieri devono affrontare difficoltà impreviste. L’Isis si è preparato con una tattica diversa. Ha lasciato in città meno combattenti e meno civili, fra i 20 e i 30 thousand, ha ammassato riserve di cibo sufficienti e riempito i tunnel sotto la città con carburante, armi, munizioni, workshops to manufacture rockets and drones,,it,And with drones,,it,armed with cameras and mortar shells,,it,He was able to identify and kill many officers and commanders,,it,Defending the last quarters are not foreign jihadists but the men of the dominant tribe in the kingdom Isis,,it,especially the Al-Shawir governor Abu Loqman,,it,who defend homes and families,,it,Most foreign fighters withdrew in early May,,it,they fear revenge and will try to stand up to capacity,,it. E coi droni, armati di telecamere e proiettili di mortaio, è riuscito a individuare e uccidere molti ufficiali e comandanti. A difendere gli ultimi quartieri non sono poi jihadisti stranieri ma gli uomini delle tribù dominanti sotto il regno dell’Isis, soprattutto gli Al-Shawir del governatore Abu Loqman, che difendono case e famiglie. La maggior parte dei foreign fighter si è ritirata all’inizio di maggio, temono vendette e cercheranno di resistere all’inverosimile. Most of them had already retired in early May,,it,after an inspection of the same Al-Baghdadi,,it,Al-Baghdadi is still alive,,it, dopo un sopralluogo dello stesso Al-Baghdadi.

Allah e Jahweh, le due facce della stessa medaglia

From the Secretary General of SMOT,,it,We must say that Hallah and Yahweh are colleagues,,it,both elohim,,it,an untranslatable term that we decline to convention "gods",,it,the plural,,it,what the priests say the pluralis nous is nonsense,,it,And if Elohim is "Gods",,it,the singular is "god" and reads in Hebrew Eloha,,it,that becomes Allah in Arabic,,it,by analogy extensive,,it,what he said Yahweh should be identical to what he said Allah,,it,Let's see if it's true,,it,It reads,,it – Diciamo subito che Hallah e Jahweh sono colleghi, entrambi elohim, un termine intraducibile che per convenzione decliniamo in “dèi”, al plurale (quello che dicono i preti sul pluralis maiestatis è una sciocchezza). E se elohim fa “dèi”, al singolare fa “dio” e si legge eloha in ebraico, che diventa allah in arabo, then, per analogia estensiva, quello che ha detto Jahweh dovrebbe essere identico a quello che ha detto Allah.
Andiamo a vedere se è vero.
Si legge: "When the Lord your God brings you into the land which you go to possess it, and they will cast out before you many nations,,it,When the Lord thy God shall deliver them into thy hand, and thou shalt smite,,it,thou shall vote allo sterminio,,fr,you will not do with them covenant and mercy to them,,it,You do not intermarry with them,,it,giving your daughters to their sons, nor take their daughters for your sons,,it,they will turn your sons from following me,,it,to serve other gods,,it […]. Quando il Signore tuo Dio le avrà messe in tuo potere e tu le avrai sconfitte, tu le voterai allo sterminio; non farai con esse alleanza né farai loro grazia. Non ti imparenterai con loro, non darai le tue figlie ai loro figli e non prenderai le loro figlie per i tuoi figli, perché allontanerebbero i tuoi figli dal seguire me, per farli servire a dèi stranieri, and the Lord's anger will burn against you and destroy thee suddenly,,it,But you deal with them,,it,destroy their altars,,it,break down their images,,it,cut down their sacred poles,,it,You burn with fire their idols ",,it,That's exactly what makes the Isis in the application of the teachings of the Koran,,it,But still it reads,,it,"All its statues will be crushed,,it,all his gifts will be burned,,it. Ma voi vi comporterete con loro così: demolirete i loro altari, spezzerete le loro stele, taglierete i loro pali sacri, brucerete nel fuoco i loro idoli”. È esattamente quello che fa l’Isis in applicazione degli insegnamenti del Corano.
Ma si legge ancora: “Tutte le sue statue saranno frantumate, tutti i suoi doni andranno bruciati, of all her idols I will mess because it put together for prostitution price and in return the harlot ",,it,And those Isis faithfully perform,,it,It is written,,it,comes a host of cavalrymen,,it,horsemen in pairs,,it,They cry and they say,,it,'Fell,,it,fallen is Babylon,,it,All the statues of her gods are ground,,it,in pieces",,it,Reading this stuff seems to see those triumphant Isis,,it,at the wheel of their Toyota,,it,return for some punitive raid,,it,It's not over,,it,because I also found this,,it. E quelli dell’Isis eseguono fedelmente.
Sta anche scritto: “Ecco, arriva una schiera di cavalieri, coppie di cavalieri. Essi esclamano e dicono: ‘È caduta, è caduta Babilonia! Tutte le statue dei suoi dèi sono a terra, in frantumi”. Leggendo sta roba sembra di vedere quelli dell’Isis trionfanti, al volante delle loro Toyota, di ritorno da qualche raid punitivo.
Non è finita, perché ho trovato anche questa: "Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God,,it,He pushed foreign altars and the high places,,it,He broke the stars and eliminated the groves ",,it,and also,,it,"I will destroy the idols, and I will remove the gods of Memphis,,it,I will pour terror ",,it,"Your altars will be devastated and shattered your incense altars,,it,I throw your dead bodies in front of your idols and scatter your bones around your altars ",,it,So far everything fits,,it,Isis,,fr,the religious terror,,it. Allontanò gli altari stranieri e le alture; spezzò le stele ed eliminò i pali sacri”, e anche: “Distruggerò gli idoli e farò sparire gli dèi da Menfi […] vi spanderò il terrore”, and still: “I vostri altari saranno devastati e infranti i vostri altari per l’incenso; getterò i vostri cadaveri davanti ai vostri idoli e disseminerò le vostre ossa intorno ai vostri altari”.
Fin qui tutto quadra: l’Isis, il terrore religioso, the destruction of the idols of other religions as happened in Palmyra,,it,nothing new,,it,if not for the fact that those steps are not the Koran but the Bible,,it,and exactly this is,,it,Micaiah,,cy,Isaiah,,ro,Chronicles,,it,Ezekiel,,it,so it is quite evident that Jahweh and Allah are the two sides of the same coin,,it,But then,,it,if the Bible should be our law - in this case the Old Testament - because they oppose Islam that preaches the same things,,it,However, it must be another question,,it, niente di nuovo, se non per il fatto che quei passi non sono del Corano ma della Bibbia, ed esattamente si tratta di: Deuteronomy 7, Michea 1/7, Isaia 21/9, Cronache 2 14/1, Ezechiele 30/13 and 6/3-4, per cui è del tutto evidente che Jahweh e Allah sono le due facce della stessa medaglia.
Ma allora, se la Bibbia dovrebbe essere la nostra legge – in questo caso il Vecchio testamento – perché contrastare l’Islam che predica le stesse cose? Tuttavia bisogna farsi un’altra domanda: Jesus, which for us Christians is God made man,,it,because he spoke another language,,it,because neither Yahweh will Allah is God but only gods,,it,against whom the Almighty thundered as we read in Psalm,,it,"Until unjust judgments and uphold the prestige of the wicked,,it,the wretched and the destitute do justice,,it,from the clutches of the wicked ",,it,It is quite evident,,it,dear priests,,it,that the Old Testament is not our Law,,it,but only the Gospels are really,,it, perché parlava un’altra lingua? Semplice, perché né Jahweh ne Allah sono dio ma solo dèi, contro i quali l’Altissimo ha tuonato come si legge nel Salmo 82: “Fino a quando giudicherete iniquamente e sosterrete la parte degli empi? Difendete il debole e l’orfano, al misero e al povero fate giustizia. Salvate il debole e l’indigente, liberatelo dalla mano degli empi”.
È del tutto evidente, cari preti, che il Vecchio Testamento non è la nostra Legge, ma solo i Vangeli la sono davvero.
So they were right the Poor Knights of Christ who have thrown to the winds the Old Testament and challenged Excalibur to fight the infidels of Islam and Israel,,it,both prone to tremendous commands of Jahweh and Alllah,,it,maybe,,it,also for this,,it,the Templars are over roasted ... but not all,,it,Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory,,,la,Allah e Jahweh,,en,the two faces of the same coin,,it, entrambi proni ai comandi tremendi di Jahweh ed Alllah.
Forse, anche per questo, i Templari sono finiti arrosto… ma non tutti.
Non nobis Domine non nobis sed nomini tuo da Gloriam.

Confermata la morte di Al-Baghdadi, avanti il prossimo

The Secretariat SMOT -,,it,We learn with satisfaction by the newspaper La Stampa that al-Baghdadi is dead,,it,This time, says the Isis,,it,confirming the ad gave a month ago from the Russian Defense Ministry,,it,To communicate the news to the subjects of the Caliphate,,it,in the city of Tell Afar,,it,one of the last in the hands of Islamists in Iraq,,it,He was the official car of the Islamic State,,it,who walked the central streets and repeated through the speaker a brief statement,,it,"The believers of the guide is dead,,it Apprendiamo con soddisfazione dal quotidiano La Stampa che Al-Baghdadi è morto. Questa volta lo dice l’Isis, a conferma dell’annuncio dato un mese fa dal ministero della difesa russo. A comunicare la notizia ai sudditi del Califfato, nella città di Tell Afar, una delle ultime in mano agli islamisti in Iraq, è stata un’auto ufficiale dello Stato islamico, che ha percorso la strade centrali e ripetuto attraverso l’altoparlante il breve comunicato: “La guida dei credenti è morta, soon it will be announced the name of the new Caliph,,it,continue on the path of jihad,,it,do not give in to the divisions ",,it,The story of what could be the epitaph not just for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,,it,but for the entire Caliphate,,it,It comes from a source in the Iraqi satellite television Al-Sumariya,,it,interna a Tall Afar,,en,Not exactly the BBC,,it,Al-Sumariya has become a specialization in the ads of the Caliph's death,,it,at least ten,,it,The source is kept secret,,it,for obvious safety reasons,,it, continuate sulla via della jihad, non cedete alle divisioni”. Il racconto di quello che potrebbe essere l’epitaffio non solo per Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ma per l’intero Califfato, viene da una fonte della televisione satellitare irachena Al-Sumariya, interna a Tall Afar. Non esattamente la Bbc. Al-Sumariya si è fatta una specializzazione negli annunci della morte del Califfo, almeno una decina. La fonte è tenuta segreta, per ovvi motivi di sicurezza, because they would be beheaded if discovered,,it,But there is not one shred of video or audio to corroborate the story,,it,The same source states that "the announcement was expected after it had lifted the ban in the city to speak publicly about the death of Al Baghdadi",,it,While the agencies and the worldwide relaunched the news sites,,it,in the late morning of Tuesday,,,it,He came another confirmation,,it,This time, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,,it. Ma non c’è neanche uno straccio di video o audio a corroborare il racconto. La stessa fonte precisa che “l’annuncio era atteso dopo che era stato tolto il divieto in città di parlare pubblicamente della morte di Al Baghdadi”. Mentre le agenzie e i siti di tutto il mondo rilanciavano la notizia, nella tarda mattinata di martedì 11 July 2017 arrivava un’altra conferma. Questa volta dall’Osservatorio siriano per diritti umani, an NGO based in London but with a dense network of informers in all Syrian cities,,it,He was the director Rami Abdulrahman to reveal that he had "reliable information" sull'avvenuto death of Al-Baghdadi,,it,by "a Syrian leader Isis,,it,senior,,it,from the eastern province of Deir ez-Zour ",,it,Confirmed the death of Al-Baghdadi,,it,next,,it. Era il direttore Rami Abdulrahman a rivelare di avere “informazioni attendibili” sull’avvenuto decesso di Al-Baghdadi, da parte di “un leader siriano dell’Isis, di primo rango, dall’area orientale della provincia di Deir ez-Zour”.

Al-Baghdadi potrebbe essere stato ucciso in un raid contro l’Isis

al bagdadiLa Stampa – Il leader dell’Isis Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi potrebbe essere stato ucciso in un raid a Raqqa lo scorso 28 May. Questa volta la fonte è il ministero della Difesa russo che sta cercando di verificare la notizia con lavoro di intelligence sul terreno, always very difficult in the territory controlled by the Islamic State,,it,But rumors that among the group of executives hit by bombers in Moscow there was also the self-proclaimed caliph are increasingly insistent,,it. Ma le voci che tra il gruppo di dirigenti colpito dai cacciabombardieri di Mosca ci fosse anche l’autoproclamato califfo sono sempre più insistenti. Al-Baghdadi sarebbe arrivato alla fine di maggio per preparare le difese della capitale siriana dell’Isis in vista dell’assalto del guerriglieri curdi appoggiati dagli Usa, come aveva fatto a Mosul fra ottobre e dicembre.