The timeless charm of the Sacra di San Michele: the Staircase of the Dead

(from – The timeless charm of the Sacra di San Michele. There are those who arrive there by faith, on pilgrimage, and who instead to admire its undisputed beauty.
It is one of the most symbolic monuments of Piedmont, place with over a thousand years of history behind it. There is something spiritual and mystical in the imposing figure of the Sacred, which from its high position has been observing for centuries, in silence, that area that leads to neighboring France. Let's discover its architecture together. Point of interest rich in symbolism is represented by the Scalone dei Morti. It is the nerve center inside the Base, it was built between 1110 and the 1148 to house the tombs of abbots and dignitaries. In this case, unlike the other abbey churches, as well as being a burial place, it is also a place with a high symbolic value.
The uphill staircase in fact, would represent our life and the difficulties that face us from day to day and that we must have the courage to overcome in order to achieve our goals. The latter must be reached in order to continue the path to the kingdom of heaven, passing through the Portal of the Zodiac, the Purgatory, and continuing up to the Church: il Paradiso. What draws attention to our passage is also the regard for the sacredness of the stone, or the work of the monks who had respect for the mountain in "embracing it" without disfiguring it.
The new opening hours of the Sacra di San Michele are valid from November, here are also the times of the Holy Masses. From 2 November open to visits always with continuous hours from 9.30 All 16.30. Hours of Holy Masses. Sunday 1st November hours 12.00 in the Abbey Church. Monday 2 November at 12.00 and at hours 17 with the Memorial of all the dead.

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