Assisted fertilization loses the guru

(by The Journal) – Carlo Flamigni, died at the age of 87 years, he was more fully a frontline scientist. innovator & popularizer: studying, signed publications on publications addressing this or that theme, then he distilled in a sentence pills of progressive wisdom, today it would be called liberal, intended to arouse standing ovations on one side and anathemas on the other.
One day, in 2014, observing the clash in front of the Policlinico Sant’Orsola in Bologna between a group of Catholics who prayed against abortion and the feminists who intoned Bella hello, the professor came out with a very sharp and offensive judgment for the sensitivity of those who did not think like him: «Those prayers are an expression of a medieval church. Feminists react to a bad provocation that humiliates women ». That. Sharp. Like the prophet of a new order soaked in the baptismal font of a neo-positivism, all optimism. «Behind an abortion – he added to Repubblica – there is suffering. It's a complicated choice. I remember women with their heads down they don't want to be seen. I ask those who say the prayers where their compassion is, to consider these women, victims of imprudent boyfriends, lack of education. Behind it is selfishness, ignorance, the indolence of men ".
This was Flamigni: the scalpel was the magic wand of a new era that tore millennia of tradition into pieces, of morale, of religion. And he envisioned an era in which women, freed from the subordinate condition, they could have chosen which path to take on the edge of life.
Exactly as it happened then, in the name of feminism and contemporaneity, even if it is not said that everything went well. Indeed. Abortion has become almost an instrument of contraception, suffering has mixed with other moods, not always so dramatic, especially the birth rate, no longer defended as before, it collapsed by opening a hole in society and generating gigantic problems. Larger than those that needed to be solved. As has happened to other generous pioneers, Flamigni has cultivated the myth of a new humanism, without realizing that so, while collecting victories over victories, the company was going to crash.
But he went on undaunted. Until the end. "What anger" he exclaimed before the hesitations of the Emilia Region in taking the path of the heterologous, his workhorse. No ethical doubt shook these certainties: «Genetics don't count, it counts who grows the child ». And more, convinced to see further, he stated with a certain recklessness: «Today's moral rules are not the same as yesterday's. And in the future they will still be different. There is no written morality. But it is dictated by common sense. That changes like science. Today the artificial uterus is coming ".
In short, For all life, Flamigni has never lost that image of militant white coat, immersed in his mission and then in the books, in teaching, in civil battles that have marked more than one generation. The gynecologist, actually an intellectual, leaves a crowd of admirers. But also a series of out of tune predictions. Because the perimeter of man is larger than what he had identified and circumscribed. By making a reduction, that yes with disastrous consequences.

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