The tree of life exists and is found in the Bahrain desert

(from – Sculptures, representations, ancient and contemporary masterpieces of art: everyone talks about him, of the tree of life. Even in the Holy Scriptures, this special tree, has a place of honor; present from Genesis to Revelation, it is considered the symbol of life par excellence.
And so, for centuries, men wondered if there really existed a living specimen capable of embodying this spiritual icon placed at the center of their pantheon by religions. Even today, the symbolism of the tree is very rooted, of this the most folkloric and mythological aspects have been recovered even if, in the Christian tradition, it still remains an icon of faith.
But the tree of life really exists? The answer is yes, and comes directly from Bahrain. It is here that in the middle of the desert, between the Mountain of Smoke and Manama, rises to the sky, a tree with ancient origins.
His chronological age is approximately 400 years, it is not the longest-lived tree in the world, that is obvious, but what is amazing about this specimen is that it grew up in an arid land, desert and devoid of vegetation.
So out of nowhere, in the middle of the Bahrain desert, like a mirage he appears, that has lived and thrived for centuries, with its ten meters high. Many recognize in that specimen the tree mentioned in the sacred scriptures, to the point that the inhabitants of the region gave it the name of Shajarat-al-Hayat, which means tree of life.
According to popular beliefs, the tree was planted here in 1583 to indicate the place where the Earthly Paradise originally stood. It was precisely from this land that it would have prospered until today, with all the symbology and the miserable that surround it.
In reality, the explanation of existence, and survival, by Shajarat-al-Hayat is less enigmatic than one might think. The soil in which the specimen grows, una Prosopis cineraria, in fact, is located only a 10 meters above the sea level. The humid air of the area, also, it helps him to stock up on the necessary water e, not too far from the tree, there are several ponds and some other trees.
Despite these details, Shajarat-al-Hayat is universally recognized as the tree of life and, the spectacle that opens up to the thousands of tourists who come here every year, it is however very suggestive and almost mystical.

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