nosigliaTurin 30 March 2013 – ”The Shroud is a message of great hope: in front of a world that spreads messages appealing, but avoidance and disengagement, the Shroud recalls instead the size of a love that gives, which is offered in sacrifice really”. He said the archbishop of Turin, Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia, in an interview with Vatican Radio, at the Exposition of the Shroud extraordinary broadcast around the world this afternoon. The Exhibition, added Nosiglia, ”will last about an hour and a half, and will’ divided into two parts: the first, lasting approximately one hour, sara’ set to the celebration of the Word of Dio, with songs, prayers and meditations. In the Cathedral of Turin, will be present 300 Disabled, sick, people who bring in their lives, and also in their body, the image and the reality of suffering reminds us that the Shroud. There will also be a group of young, so that even at the youth level there is this attention and availability to such an important event. Then, these 300 People pass in front of the Shroud and see up close the Holy Shroud, accompanied by prayers and also by periods of silence, because we would like to own the Shroud in the center of the event”. When Pope Francesco, the archbishop added, ”spoke of 'guard', I thought that the Shroud is kept because it is a really valuable, that a continuous stimulus to set the life of faith in Christ, recognized and accepted by all those who suffer, who are in trouble. It is a message that must be safeguarded by the Church so that it is then kept in the hearts of the poor, the suffering, of households, of those who find themselves in difficult situations”.

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