Nativity scene and tree in San Pietro, a sign of hope for the whole world

da (Giovanni Bernardi) – The Nativity, monumental, it will be made of ceramic and the tree will be very tall 28 meters. It is not yet known how the Christmas celebrations in the Vatican and of Pope Francis will take place. But the decorations of St. Peter's Square remain a certainty. These will remain on display until Sunday 10 January 2021, conclusion of the Christmas season and the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

There is no definite news on the Pope's Christmas celebrations
From the point of view of the Pope's Christmas celebrations, it is already known that there will be no ambassadors accredited to the Holy See to participate. Masses are therefore imagined with a small number of faithful. But still there is certainly nothing.
"This year even more than usual, the setting up of the traditional space dedicated to Christmas in St. Peter's Square is intended to be a sign of hope and trust for the whole world!“, explained the Governorate of the Vatican City State.

The exhibition "expresses the certainty that Jesus comes among the people"
An exhibition that therefore “wants to express the certainty that Jesus comes among his people to save and console them. An important message in this difficult time due to the Covid-19 health emergency ".
The inauguration will take place next 11 December with a restricted ceremony in respectful respect of the anti-contagion rules. The president and the secretary general of the Governorate of the Vatican City State will participate in this, that is, Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello and Bishop Fernando Vérgez Alzaga.

The Monumental Nativity Scene, cultural symbol of Abruzzo
In the morning, Pope Francis will receive the delegations of the two towns who will provide the nativity scene and the tree, who will officially present the gifts. The Italian town of Castelli is in fact very well known for the production of ceramics, which dates back to the sixteenth century. The ceramic statues of the nativity scene that will be installed in St. Peter's Square will be larger than the natural one. The Monumental Nativity Scene is a cultural symbol of Abruzzo, and the specific work, in a collection of 54 some statues will be exhibited, it was created by the pupils and teachers of the "F.A. Crane", current state art school for design.

The Nativity scene in St. Peter's Square and the fir that refers to Christ
The sculptures, with "strong references to the history of ancient art, of Greek art, of the Sumerian one, and the Egyptian one ", as well as the local Abruzzo one, will be those of the Magi, of the angel with open wings and finally of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The crib itself was exhibited in the past at Trajan's markets in Rome or Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tel Aviv.
As for the tree instead, it will come from the town on the Rinža river, from a territory that is almost totally covered with forests. The spruce that will be installed in St. Peter's Square, a spruce, grew up in one of the primordial sites on the Unesco World Heritage list, the Krokar virgin forest.

This year everyone is called to live the profound meaning of Christmas
That of the Christmas fir, even if few know it, it is a symbolism that was born in the Germanic world during the Middle Ages and that, as an evergreen that does not die, refers to Christ. While the Nativity scene, as it is known, begun by St. Francis of Assisi, was honored this year by Pope Francis with a letter entitled "Admirabile Signum".
This year in fact, in the face of the Coronavirus crisis and the many difficulties that are experienced in the world, where in addition to wars, an international economic crisis and the specter of terrorism have been added, Christmas will be a time of strong personal and collective rebirth.
In fact, this year even those who are used to living the Christmas holidays with carelessness and little participation will be called to gain experience, deep in your heart, of the birth of a Child, Jesus, who gave salvation to the whole world.

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