globocratiAlexandria (General Secretariat) – The expansion fake and manipulated the financial sector worldwide has generated immense damage to small and medium-sized enterprises, and entire national economies that have to deal with rising unemployment. Where, for each contract, there were two or three financial transactions, Today there are twenty. Here we have, in the Western world, we are in a recession and in the Third World are dying of starvation. According to the UNICEF report 2011 every year 11 million children die from easily preventable causes, 200 millions are suffering from rickets malnutrition and over 110 million are not in school, in developing countries the 39% small under 5 years is affected by rickets while they are over 170 those who were underweight million, 30 millions of children are not protected by the mandatory vaccinations (in the first year of age), 2 million children die from diarrheal diseases and other disorders related to non-potable water consumption, every minutes 6 children under the 25 years, especially in Africa are infected with HIV (its 2.800.000 people who died in the 2010 for this virus the 79% were Africans), more than one billion people still have no access to safe drinking water, two billion and a half people in the world do not have toilets, 44 millions of women do not receive any care during pregnancy and childbirth, die each year 1 million mothers and 5 million newborns, over 130 million women have undergone genital mutilation, 800 millions of people are without food, over 2 billion people are malnourished and malnutrition, many children are subject to hair loss to baldness, the loss of fingernails and sometimes also of the first layer of skin. By summing the number of deaths from various causes, it becomes known that about 20 million people worldwide each year die of unnatural causes in peacetime, amounted to little more than a third of 55 million dead of World War II, but, lasted five years and on average did 11 million deaths per year. So the planetary disaster would still be equal, mell'arco of five years, more or less double the disaster of World War II that has always been considered the greatest disaster in human history. But this disaster, Unlike the Second World War is over, seems to never stop. Also, of those 2 billion people malnourished or without food, most will die of hunger. Since the war dead in time of peace in the world were nearly two billion. Today on earth only one billion people, including us, lives in an acceptable way, while the other six would want to live like us and we would like to live as they lived fifteen, Twenty years ago. The world is getting worse and something must be done. We Templars went back again for these reasons. To combat our Just War in defense of those who can not defend, of what is good is right. God willing.

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