Cagliari: a gallows for Solinas drawn on the pavement – threats to the governor

(from – No change of program in the agenda of the day, if anything, an even greater commitment to continue the daily work to build a better and above all protect Sardinia, in this dramatic epidemiological emergency, the health of the Sardinians and the stability of our economic and productive system. Thus the President of the Region Christian Solinas comments on the death threats written against him in the center of Cagliari, by unknown criminals. The president refers to a drawing made with a spray can on the sidewalk of the very busy via Largo Felice where a force with its hanged man is depicted , the name Solinas, and the typical symbolism of the anarchist movement. “My Sardinian DNA and my faith, continues President Solinas, they do not contemplate fear of such acts. I thought about the Word of the Psalm 23: 'The Lord is my shepherd ... He reassures me, guides me on the right path.
If you were to walk in a dark valley, I would not fear any harm, because he is with me Stay, instead, comments the President, a deep bitterness for the hate stirrers, for the mystifiers who constantly exploit everything, hoping to take a biased advantage, with all due respect to all: devotees of the worst, so much the better. Here, those who do not realize that with the bad example they also generate reactions as poisoned as today, they really sadden me. The affection and closeness in these hours of many friends and ordinary citizens, continues President Solinas, they comfort me and stimulate me to an even greater commitment in dedicating all my energy to the better future of our land and of our people, which continues to demonstrate, especially in the most difficult moments, its own values ​​of pride, dignity, sacrifice and commitment to overcome difficulties. A grateful and moving thought therefore goes, concludes President Solinas, to them and to the many institutions that wanted to confirm their solidarity and closeness to me in these hours.

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