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TemplarThe Templars are the monk-knights (consecrated lay people today even in private) who always fight for the faith and to defend the defenseless. They can kill to avoid being massacred the innocent? They can do it in self-defense or to get on top of a state of necessity?

The debate lasted for nine centuries: is allowed or not by the Church and the Christian religion kill failing in fifth comadamento?
San Bernardo dice di sì: “When (the Templar, n. d. a.) makes you a criminal mor-, but not a murderer, I dare Read more


guenna-enigmaPozzolo Formigaro (AL) – Conference on the Knights of the journalist and historian Andrea Alexandrian Guenna, who also presented his book “The Enigma of the Nine Castles”, Friday 27 March 2009 in the hall of the medieval castle of Pozzolo Formigaro in the province of Alessandria. After recalling in detail the history of the Templars, Andrea Guenna reiterated that the Templars of today and tomorrow, not ever disown their "pledge of allegiance to the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church". The other, those who have driver's licenses or legitimacy, worse, direct descendants of Jacques de Molay (impossible because the Order Read more



Sovereign Military Order of the Temple

Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

Bolles pontifical Every good gift 29 March 1139 Lateran

tavola rotondaBishop Innocent, servant of the servants of God. To my beloved son Robert, master of the religious order of the Temple which is located in Jerusalem, and his followers brothers and, both those existing and future. Any reward every good and perfect good comes from above, down from the Father of Light, from which there is no change and no vicissitude that may overshadow. With concern, beloved children in the Lord, praise Almighty God for you and for your own, as your religious and your venerable institution is known all over the world. Though, Read more


globocratiAlexandria (General Secretariat) – The expansion fake and manipulated the financial sector worldwide has generated immense damage to small and medium-sized enterprises, and entire national economies that have to deal with rising unemployment. Where, for each contract, there were two or three financial transactions, Today there are twenty. Here we have, in the Western world, we are in a recession and in the Third World are dying of starvation. According to the UNICEF report 2011 every year 11 million children die from easily preventable causes, 200 millions are suffering from rickets Read more