zichichi antoninoby Antonino Zichichi – It is widely recognized that the laws of the universe discovered by science are in conflict with God's inscrutable. The contrast between faith and science is one of the most poignant dilemmas of our time; a drama that he met his first controversial act by Galileo Galilei. There is no scientific discovery that could be used in order to put in doubt or deny the existence of God.
Just Galilei, discoverer of the principle of inertia, of relativity and of the first laws that govern the created, was a believer and considered science a powerful tool to unravel the secrets of that nature which bore the imprint of the One who made the world. And believers were Maxwell and Planck, two fathers of contemporary physics, men who have discovered new horizons on the laws of the universe through the study of infinitely small particles; so small that it can not contain any trace of angels or saints, and it can not therefore endorse, apparently, no rational explanation of the existence of the divine.
The achievements of science do not obscure the divine laws, but reinforce, helping to awaken the wonder and admiration for the wonderful spectacle of the cosmos, that goes from the heart of a proton to the edge of the universe.
No scientific discovery has questioned the existence of God.
The science is a source of values ​​that are in communion, not at odds with the teaching of the Holy Scriptures, then with the values ​​of the truth revealed.
Neither science nor logic to conclude that God does not exist.
No atheist can then hope to be more logical and scientific person who believes. Those who choose atheism is therefore an act of faith: into thin air.
Believing in God is more logical and scientific than believing in nothing.
It could be argued: from the moment it is impossible to reach God through the discovery of mathematical logic or because of a scientific discovery nor logic nor science can be relied on to get the act of faith. This is exactly. In fact, faith is a gift of God. Corroborated, however, by the act of reason in the transcendent.
It reflects, however, a bit '. Mathematical logic and science are intellectual activities that operate in the immanent.
If it were possible to prove the existence of God by way of a rigorous mathematical logic, God would be the equivalent of a mathematical theorem.
If it were possible to prove the existence of God by way of a series of rigorous scientific research, God would be the equivalent of a great scientific discovery.
If this were possible, the man would be able to get to the Supreme theorem: the mathematical proof of God's existence.
That is the most extraordinary of all the scientific discoveries: the discovery of God.
Theorem and discovery beyond which there could not be anything else. Both the scientific and mathematical research have instead a fundamental property in common. Every discovery opens new horizons. Concepts never before imagined, columns and forces which no one could fantasize the existence, present themselves in the eyes of the researcher as stages of a journey seemingly without end.
One who made the world knows these things. Only a peer could learn just as.
We are mere mortals: facts yes, in his image and likeness. Lacking, however, of his intellectual power. That's why I think we will never know all the math nor the whole science. There is an aspect of reality in which we live that fascinates me in a special way: the journey without stopping, l'continuous ascesa, in the study of mathematical logic and science. This is possible thanks to the intellect that we wanted to give the One who made the world.
It is an extraordinary privilege to be invited to the table of reason which operates the immanent and the transcendent. Around that table we are sitting, eager to learn, not to drive away the One who has invited us. The table of reason, however, allows man to reflect on transcendent and sull'immanente. And here is where the act of faith, which is a gift of God, is combined with the act of reason.
In fact, the reason is God's gift.

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