Sovereign Military Order of the Temple

Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

Bolles pontifical Every good gift 29 March 1139 Lateran

tavola rotondaBishop Innocent, servant of the servants of God. To my beloved son Robert, master of the religious order of the Temple which is located in Jerusalem, and his followers brothers and, both those existing and future. Any reward every good and perfect good comes from above, down from the Father of Light, from which there is no change and no vicissitude that may overshadow. With concern, beloved children in the Lord, praise Almighty God for you and for your own, as your religious and your venerable institution is known all over the world. Though, nature, were children of wrath and dedicated to the pleasures of life, now, by the grace of inspiration, you become attentive listeners of the Gospel, after giving up worldly ostentation and private property, rather, having abandoned the wide path that leads to the death, humbly have chosen the path that leads to life, and to prove membership in the militia of God, assiduously carried on your chest the sign of the life-giving cross. In addition, the fact that you, just as true Israelites and skilled fighters in the holy war, are lit by the flame of charity and dates body, with your actions, the word of the Gospel which says: “No one has greater love than for someone who puts his soul to the service of his soul ", whereby, in the words of the Great Shepherd, you're not afraid to put your souls in the service of your brothers and to defend them from the attacks of the pagans. Also, since they are known with the name of Knights of the Temple, you have been appointed by the Lord attackers and defenders of the Catholic Church of Christ's enemies. Therefore it is lawful to you to exercise, with all your heart and with all your mind, your search and commendable devotion in a sacred act. However, encourage your firm in the Lord and, for the remission of your sins, with the authority of God and of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, We urge you and your servants, to take up the fight, invoking the name of Christ, against the enemies of the cross, to protect the Catholic Church and those who are under the tyranny of the heathen, and save them from their dirt. How to conquer their booty, you can safely dispose of it at your leisure and forbid that someone can claim one part. It states that the house or temple in which dwell, to the praise and glory of God and for the defense of his faithful, and also for the liberation of the Church of God, with all the goods and possessions which is legitimately own now or acquired in the future, through concessions of bishops, the generosity of kings and princes, donations of the faithful or in any other way, with God's help, can acquire, is placed under the guardianship and protection of the Apostolic See for all times to come. With this decree also establish that the religious life which was set up in your home, inspired by divine grace, must be observed without any violation, and brothers who serve the Lord must live chastely therein, without personal property and, honoring their profession with words and morality, are subject and obedient in all respects to their master and to those he commands. Also, given that this house and its holy institution they deserved this measure, it must always be considered the most important and at the head of all the others who are part of. Also, determine that after you, Roberto, our beloved son in the Lord, or any of your successor, not be accepted in this house if any brother is not a military and religious person, that has no interest for your order, nor be elected by others if not by all the brothers, or proposed by the best and purest of them. From now on, to any ecclesiastical or secular is permissible to violate or put limits on compliance with the statutes and approved by the teacher together with the other brothers. Those same habits that observed for some time, and that have been fixed in writing, can not be changed by anyone except by the master, and in any case with the consent of the best part of the chapter. Counter, prohibit and forbid it in all possible ways that no clergyman or layman dare you require from the master, brothers and their institution, any loyalty, tribute, oath or other forms of subjugation often used by secular. At the same time we determine that, since your sacred institution and the sacred militia were imposed by divine providence, You can not change your set-up under the guise of a religious life; because God, it really is immutable and eternal, does not endorse the fickle heart, but rather to ensure that the sacred attuiate plan that you have proposed, in all respects. How many were and how they were great men in military dress and surrounded of worldly power, it pleased the Lord, who left an everlasting memorial? How many were, and as they were big men, armed for battle, that in their time they fought bravely to bear witness of God and defend the laws of their fathers, consecrating hands to the Lord in the blood of the infidels, and after the sweat of battle were awarded the prize of eternal life? Therefore, view your vocation, fratelli siete, accordingly, at the same time knights and servants, and, as the Apostle says: “Let each of you remain in the calling in which he was called”. So we determine that any powers not given to the brothers, once they have been welcomed into the sacred order, to return to secular life after having been part of your order and to have worn the religious habit. And it is not lawful for a man, after having been part of your institution, give it up after taking the cross of the Lord and the dress of your profession, nor is it allowed to move to another place, was also a monastery, under the pretext of wanting to practice more and new religious life if the brothers or the teacher not allowed or were not consulted, provided that no clergyman or layman has the right to accept or retain. And because the defenders of the Church should live and be supported with the goods of the Church, we, by all means, forbid the collection of tithes against his will on all movable and immovable property and all that belongs to your venerable house. Also, with apostolic authority, we confirm the tithes which you can obtain from your efforts, with the advice and consent of the bishops from the hands of clergy and laity, and even those that you can get, consenting bishops and their clergy. And because nothing is lacking to salvation and to the total care of your souls, and you can easily access to the sacraments of the Church holy and the divine offices of your sacred order, the same way we determine that you are allowed to receive honest priests and clergy who have been ordained in God, according to your knowledge, from whatever side they come, either at your home captain that those dependent on it. Provided that, if the district, and he is required by their bishops, do not take a hostile attitude towards any other institution or order. But what if the bishops were not willing to concederveli, in no way have the right to receive and retain them the authority of the Holy Roman Church. It, however, some of them, after making the profession, manifest themselves to be troublemakers in your order or in a house, or simply not useful, you are allowed to remove them and give them license to transfer to a different order in which they want to live a godly life, and replace them with suitable men. These, however, must be tested within your community for a year, whereupon, if they give a good account of their behavior, and they have been found useful for your service, then finally can live according to the rule and obedience to their Master, so that, come voi, they can get the same food and clothes, as well as the bed, with the exception of the wear clothing that makes it unusable. But the same should not be allowed to participate in the chapters or manage your homes, unless it is imposed by you.; they will also take care of your souls, as they will require. Also, are not subject to anyone outside of your Chapter and all must obey in everything and you, Roberto, my beloved son in the Lord, and your successors, as their superiors and prelates. In addition we establish also allow the ordination of clerics who were deemed worthy of the sacred orders at a Catholic bishop, even if he is a Catholic and enjoys the grace of the Holy See, which, undoubtedly supported by our authority, gives what is required. At the same time we ban these religious to preach for money or profit or sent out to preach for the same purpose, unless the Master of the Temple does not believe that this can be done, for a given period, for specific purposes. And who among them is accepted in your institution, must promise to remain stable, to adjust their habits and strive for the Lord every day of his life, obeying the Master of the Temple, after depositing a written guarantee on the altar of that promise. Subject to the rights of Episcopal bishops, both in terms of tithes, As for religious services and burial, We will also grant you permission to build in areas related to the sacred Temple, where is your community, speakers in which to hold religious services and, if one of you or your community dies, be buried. It is unseemly, and it is clear danger to the souls, if the friars are blended with multitudes of men and a crowd of women, under the pretext of going to church. We decree also, with apostolic authority, that wherever you happen to arrive, there is lawful to receive the sacraments of confession, anointing and any other ecclesiastical sacrament by Catholic priests and honest, lest you miss something in the participation of spiritual gifts. Because in reality we are all united in the one Christ, and there is no distinction before God, is the forgiveness of sins and other benefits, and we hope that the apostolic blessing that has been granted, be extended to your family and to the people who are at your service. Therefore, nobody is allowed to cause harm to that place or to take possession of his estates, to keep the goods that have been removed, reduced or subjected to other harassment, but must be kept intact to be used, in every possible way, for the sake of your order and the other faithful of God. Therefore, if someone, knowing this our decree, try to act rashly against it and, after being booked for the second and third time, and not adequately corrected his fault, he loses his dignity and the power of honor, will be accused of having committed injustice before the divine tribunal and to be unworthy of the most holy body and blood of our Lord, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and also to be the subject of serious revenge in final judgment. Instead, those who keep these commandments, get the blessing and grace of Almighty God and of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul. Amen. Innocent II.

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