guenna-enigmaPozzolo Formigaro (AL) – Conference on the Knights of the journalist and historian Andrea Alexandrian Guenna, who also presented his book “The Enigma of the Nine Castles”, Friday 27 March 2009 in the hall of the medieval castle of Pozzolo Formigaro in the province of Alessandria. After recalling in detail the history of the Templars, Andrea Guenna reiterated that the Templars of today and tomorrow, not ever disown their "pledge of allegiance to the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church". The other, those who have driver's licenses or legitimacy, worse, direct descendants of Jacques de Molay (impossible because the Order was suppressed by the bull Vox in Excelso by Pope Clement V in 1312) second Guenna have not yet shown any credible legacy (card Larmenius is unanimously considered to be a fake from all over the world scientific community) and are in fact out of the tradition. Reiterating that the Poor Knights of Christ worshiped the Holy Shroud of which were the guardians, Guenna said today, more than ever, is necessary draw near to Christ and act in the world by witnessing concretely, the Templari, the Christian message. Quoting CS Lewis (Belfast, 29 November 1898 – Oxford, 22 November 1963), Andrea Guenna said that if you do not believe in God you end up believing in everything else: "And that is why – told the reporter Piedmontese – that the figure of the Knight Templar can be a point of reference stationary, clear and credible for all young people who want to receive Jesus in a whole new way, chivalrous ". From the hall, full of people present at the conference, have come questions about the relations between the Templars and the Islamic world. Guenna said that the Order of the Temple has always had good relations with the Ismailis, with which it has always worked for the common good and, paradoxically, this fact has led Philip the Fair and his captors, during the process of the tremendous 1307-1314, to accuse the Poor Knights of Christ of apostasy. A lady then asked Guenna which was the relationship of the Templars with women. The journalist Alexandrian, who did not hide his belief Templar, responded that, despite being forbidden by rule any relationship with women, there, soprattutto in Francia, some "templaresse" who worked in the mansions along the knights. This is of course an exception that, always eats, proves the rule.
Anna Briano

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