papa bergoglio 19.05.13Giacomo Galeazzi
Vatican City – It is thought to banks rather than to the families and the lack of ethics in public life hurts humanity. "This is a crisis that destroys man's man" is not to worry about the banks and households, of people dying of hunger. He spoke with heartfelt words, moved, Francesco, the crisis that now affects society. During the vigil in St. Peter's Square with the ecclesial movements, davanti a 200.000 people, The Pope makes it clear that the crisis is first and foremost ethical. "In public life, policy if there is no ethics everything is possible, all you can do. Then we see, read newspapers, such as the lack of ethics in public life hurts so much to all humanity ". The Pope responded to questions put to him by the arm to the representatives of the lay movements and new communities, in particular in a: on how to live "a poor Church for the poor". He then told, quoting a rabbi of the 12th century, the history of the building of the Tower of Babel. "When a falling tower was a national tragedy, the worker was punished, because the bricks were valuable, but if the worker fell nothing happened. Today – continued – if they fall investments, banks, this is a tragedy, but if families are bad, have nothing to eat, then this does nothing ". Here "our crisis of today". So "the poor Church for the poor goes against this mentality". Bergoglio says that "the Church is not a political movement, nor a well-organized ". In fact, "We are not an NGO, when the Church becomes an NGO loses salt, did not taste, becomes an empty organization ". So "be smart because the devil deceives us, because there is the danger presented by efficiency, and one thing is to preach Jesus, another thing is efficiency ". Furthermore, "when the Church becomes closed falls ill, like a room that is closed and where the air is stale ". So "I prefer a thousand times a Church damaged, who suffers accidents, rather than a church ill for closure ". It should reach out to others, fight the "culture clash, the culture of fragmentation ". And the "culture of waste", that marginalizes the elderly and children. In short, "We must do with our faith a culture of encounter, a culture of friendship ". Bergoglio urges people to "go out to those who do not think like us, because they are all children of God, without negotiating our presence ". It is a "scandal" that does not make headlines the death of a homeless man from the cold, that there are children who do not have to eat. "We must not be a Christian starched, as people who take the tea: we must be courageous Christians, reach out to those who are Christ's flesh ". He spoke for 40 minutes, also with moments smiling. Like when he remembered his grandmother as a child taught him the faith. Or confession to 17 years that made him feel the vocation to the priesthood. He admitted that sometimes falls asleep watching the shrine. He good-naturedly chided the pilgrims because it passes shouting "Francis, Francesco "and not" Jesus, Jesus ". So, “mai più Francesco, Jesus cry ". The Pope also joked about the constraints to which it is subjected in the Vatican: "When I go to confess indeed, when andavo, now you can not, because you can not get out of here ". And down the applause of the crowd. Present in the square 150 movements, tra cui Cl, Catholic Action, Focolare, Sant'Egidio, Neocatechumenal, Rns, Scouts, between songs, prayers, Bible readings. In the first row the ministers and CL Mauro Lupi. The Pope invites all to give "testimony" of her faith. Today, "there are more martyrs in the early centuries of the Church, but a Christian must always respond to evil with good ".
In the morning Mass in Santa Marta has condemned unreservedly the "chatter" in the Church: a practice dictated by the "spirit of Cain" because it is addressed to "kill his brother, con la lingua”. The Pope has condemned "misinformation, defamation and slander "as" sins ", as "to slap Jesus in the person of his children, of his brothers ".

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