PakistanIn Pakistan, the persecution of Christians has reached intolerable levels while the government has systematically failed does not protect the rights of minorities, as reported by the associations Minority Rights Group International and Sustainable Development Policy Institute. The report entitled "In Search of Security: the increasing marginalization of the religious communities in Pakistan "highlights some of the most critical aspects of religious persecution in Pakistan: the abuse of the blasphemy law, enslavement of workers belonging to minorities, kidnappings and forced conversions to Islam, the bombings in private institutions and places of worship especially Christians. Discrimination often depends on the laws but is rooted in society and begins at school. Notwithstanding Article 22 of the Constitution of Pakistan states that no one "is forced to receive religious education […] other than their own religion ", Muslim students do not have the opportunity to participate in courses other than those of Islamic studies. When it comes to Islam, then, No error is allowed: emblematic case of a Christian boy who had misspelled a word in a religious poem was expelled from school. The most serious aspect of the school system, but, is the distorted presentation of national history: members of religious minorities are ignored or presented as foreign, emissaries of the Government of India or the West, and not as people who have contributed, like the Muslims, the construction of the motherland Pakistan. So you foment prejudices, extremism and discrimination against minorities. Discrimination are not spared even teachers: a Hindu professor tells it how his colleagues do not let him drink glasses in common. Regarding the work, there is not only the problem of slavery. Minorities are often forced to perform the most menial jobs. Christians who clean the streets for example are treated by people as if they had leprosy. The problem is not simply economic because no Christian could ever open a restaurant in Pakistan because of religious persecution. No Muslim would ever accept to take food from a Christian. On the way Christians can not sell food stalls because Muslims would not let never buy. They can do the cleaning in the house of the Muslims but are underpaid and often are driven based on the false accusation of being thieves. Every Pakistani who belong to a minority experiences on his skin discriminatory acts but these do not cease even when the person is deceased. Often the families of Ahmadis, who believe in a prophet after Muhammad came, can not bury their loved ones in cemeteries common. In one case in October 2013, the corpse of a Hindu was unearthed by a group of Muslims, fomented by the imams of mosques, and taken out of the cemetery because this is only for Muslims. And for Christians is even worse.

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