Salvini wants to introduce the crucifix in schools compulsory, public offices and ports (although I closed)

the – The League plans to make it compulsory display of crucifixes in schools, public offices, university, prisons, consulates, and even in ports, open or closed to migrants that are.
As reported by the Espresso, has already been filed in the parliament the draft special law, signed by the deputy of the Northern League and former PDL Barbara Saltamartini.
The measure provides for a fine of up to one thousand euro for those who break the arrangement, refusing or forgetting to put up the crucifix in a public place.
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The proposal is awaiting calendarizzata and discussed in the House and Senate, and is entitled: "Provisions relating to the display of the crucifix in schools and public administration offices".
In the report accompanying the presentation of the law, written by Saltamartini, It reads as follows:
"The repeated controversy concerning the presence of the crucifix in classrooms, documented by the press and national media, They have deeply hurt the religious significance not only of the Crucified, but also as' a symbol of civilization and Christian culture, in its historical root, as a universal value, independent of a specific religious denomination ', as already he had authoritatively supported the Council of State, in its Opinion No. 63, espresso in data 27 April 1988?.
"It is apparent unacceptable to the history and tradition of our peoples, if the vaunted secularism of the Republican Constitution was badly interpreted as introducing an obligation Jacobin removal of the Crucifix; it, on the contrary, It remains for thousands of citizens, families and workers the symbol of the history shared by an entire people ".
"Delete the symbols of our identity, undisputed glue of a community, It means a nonsense of the principles that underpin our society. Observe the minority does not mean give up, delegitimize or change the symbols and the values ​​that are part of our history, culture and traditions of our country ".
The League, In short, It seems very determined to bring back an old battle of the center: it would be a standard with a strong symbolic impact, a time to reaffirm, through religion, the need for a breakthrough "identity" of the Italian people.
The message we want to launch Salvini has a lot to do also with the issue of immigration: anyone arriving in Italy, the Interior Minister, must respect cultural traditions, civil and religious of our country.
With this in mind, the crucifix displayed in any public place would therefore represent a "warning" for all.

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