Gesù bisDefinitely did not like the AU professed atheists and those of the CICAP know that a team of scholars with a search for Enea 5 years has shown that the Shroud is not a fake and that you can get the picture irradiating the linen with ultraviolet radiation of excimer laser of total power 34 trillion watts. In fact, atheists UAAR write in their website in an article in 29 December 2011: "A study carried out by some technicians ENEA (public research body) has recently tried to call into question that the Shroud is a forgery medieval, a fact supported by historical evidence, artistic and chemical, and by radiocarbon dating ". Shines a little 'ill-concealed anger: In fact, those who would be scientists if they said things with which they are only now agreed technical and Enea is also defined in brackets "public research body" 'as if to say that, being public, could do something else or say different things because it spends money even atheists. But where it shines a lot of superficiality when they write that "tried to cast doubt on the Shroud it is a medieval fake". They give it for granted now that is not established, namely 'that the Shroud is a medieval fake,"'Circumstance supported by historical evidence, artistic and chemical "as it is now known to anyone familiar with the results published by scholars of the Shroud that the opposite is true and that is the historical evidence, artistic and chemical, as well as anatomical - pathological, biological, pollinologiche, mathematical, computer, etc.., damage as certain the fact that the Shroud is actually the period of Jesus Christ, but remained dubious radiocarbon analysis of 1989 who dated the cloth as dating from the medieval period. The eternal skeptics Cicap now seem to be on the corner also because they find better things to do than bring the judgment of one of the authors of the research in radiocarbon Christopher Ramsey stated that he would: "In archaeological science, being able to play something does not mean that this was the technique used, "thus showing that he had discovered the hot water. In practice Ramsey says that if it had been reproduced the Shroud footprint with an excimer laser is said to have been used that way to make it. So being in the Middle Ages still unknown excimer laser shroud can not be the work of man. Unless there has been a extraterrestrial, the shroud is the work of God, unless those Cicap, skeptics blue, not come to say that God is in fact an extraterrestrial! But it is not over because with the CICAP, l’UAAR (Union Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics) other body of skeptics blue, Also recorded are the opinion of Dr. Luigi Garlaschelli, chemical, known because it would have gotten a chemical way to reproduce the Shroud (essentially for staining with ocher pigments and aging in an oven at 250 degrees). It has already been widely written about how it was easily removed busted the thesis of Dr. Garlaschelli. But it is good to read the part of the report of ENEA scholars who are interested: "The last experimental analysis of in situ physical and chemical properties of the body image on the Shroud was made way back in 1978 by a group of 31 scientists under the auspices of the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc. (STURP). The scientists made use modern equipment for the time, made available from different manufacturers for a market value of two and a half million dollars, They carried a number of measures and non-destructive infrared spectroscopy, visible and ultraviolet, of X-ray fluorescence, thermography and pyrolysis, mass spectrometry, The Micro-Raman analysis, photograph in transmission, microscopy, removal of fibrils and microchemical tests. The analyzes performed on the Shroud did not find significant amounts of pigments (dyes, paints) or traces of drawings. Based on the results of dozens of measurements, STURP researchers concluded that body image is not painted, or printed, or obtained by heating. Also, the coloring of the image resides in the outer part and the surface of the fibrils that make up the threads of the cloth, and measurements made recently on fragments of Shroud show that the thickness of the coloring is extremely thin, approximately 200 nm = 200 billionths of a meter, or a fifth of a thousandth of a millimeter, corresponding to the thickness of the so-called primary cell wall of the single linen fiber. Recall that a single linen thread is made up of approximately 200 fibrille”.
And more: "In this paper we have briefly summarized the state of the art knowledge on the image on the Shroud and explained the reasons for the extreme difficulty in reproducing an image having the same physical and chemical characteristics, with the result that today the science is not yet able to explain how it has formed the body image on the Shroud. In light of these difficulties high technological and scientific, the hypothesis of a medieval forger does not seem reasonable ".

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