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  1. The Templars have traveled to the Holy Land to defend the pilgrims in nine little because they could against the marauding Muslims. It seems that, at first, they went there on a mission to take over the Al Aqsa Mosque was built on the ruins of the Temple of Solomon in the basement of what was probably a great deal of important artifacts and relics of Christianity.
  2. The first Master General was a French nobleman vassal of the Count of Champagne, Hugues de Payens (to Payns), because it could have been instead of Mondovi Ugo Peano of which up to the early 2000 was still standing in the neighborhood of the birthplace Breo. Completely unfounded is also the argument that the de Payens was actually De Hugone’ Pagani, Pagani (Salerno), argument based on a false macroscopic. In fact there are no original documents about, but only the copy of the seventeenth Read more

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Andrea Guenna
Alexandria (General Secretariat) – Many, not to say all or most, groups-called Templar of the world have a descent from the ancient Order suppressed by Pope Clement V in 1312 with Bolla “Vox in Excelso”. After his death at the stake last General Master Jacques De Molay in 1314, the sequence was in fact impossible as it is only referred for elective, dying and being the Master General of the Order was dissolved, was not possible to elect a new Master. The tale of the Charter of Larmenius leave time that is for two reasons: first of all because it is impossible that De Molay, which should have – According to the legend – transmit powers Larmenius to hand over documents and seals, being in prison could move freely and, nor, under the circumstances, spend time with someone who, anyhow, after the alleged meeting would certainly have been raided; then because, even if the meeting had taken place, the succession would be unlawful because in the absence of election by the body in charge according to a specific validation procedure. The office of Master General, in fact, is not hereditary but elective as that of the Pope. Not enough, because almost all, if not all, groups Templar of the earth have offspring that, at a certain point (in 1705), see appear as “Grand Master” (quotation marks because misnomer for Master General) the Duke of Orleans, besides being an atheist libertine, was also a descendant of Philip the Fair that responsible for the destruction of our Order. How could he be so perfect and the descendant elective Jaques de Molay?


From the eighteenth century and nineteenth century have arisen numerous groups who want to redo the tradition of the ancient Knights Templar, sometimes claiming some form of direct derivation. It is modern secular associations, which refer generally to charitable and Christian values.
According to many groups neotemplari the order would secretly survived even after the death of the master, Jacques de Molay, that before suffering the condemnation to the stake would entrust their charge to the knight Jean-Marc Larmenius (l'or Armenie). The latter would produce a document (the so-called Charta of Larmenius or Charta transmissionis), who would later gradually been signed by the secret masters followed over time. The document proves the survival of the Templars after the 1314, but the majority of historians has serious doubts about its authenticity, or openly calls him a false. To date there is no evidence historically documented survival of the Templar after the original 1314, nor indeed is possible to draw, almost seven centuries after the abolition of the religious order by Pope, some form of descent historically valid, if not a purely ideal bond. The Holy See itself has made it clear several times that it does not recognize these groups.

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ghigliottinaThe rapid succession to the throne of France between 1314 and the 1328 the last four kings of the Capetian dynasty, has led many to believe that the dynasty was cursed, from which the name of “cursed king” (cursed kings). To the throne of France in fact followed one another rapidly the sons of Philip IV: the reign of Louis X lasted only two years, because he died very young, leaving his pregnant wife of the man who would become the next king, John I, but the child lived only five days before his death, probably poisoned. The throne then passed to another son of Philip IV, Philip V, who was crowned at the age of 23 years, but he died only six years later. Since she had no children, the throne passed to his brother, Charles IV, but he died after six years with no male heir, extinguishing Read more


Alain Demurger
Article taken from the magazine
“Middle Ages” n. 174 - July 2011

A handful of knights, pronounced monastic vows, is a weapon in defense of the holy places. Founded the Order of the Temple. The Order of the Temple is neither a secret society, nor an esoteric sect; is, if I may say, a historical object well identified, if not well known. It is the first military-religious order created by the Western Christianity, latin, e Romanian, in the Middle Ages. The Templar is, first, a religious pronouncing the three vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. As the monaco, live according to a rule; but, unlike these, who prays and meditates in the shadow of the cloisters, the Templar fights on the battlefield to defend God and His Church. This novelty, the military-religious order, is the result of the needs of the crusade and the upheavals of the Western feudal society around Mille, under the dual effect of the development of feudalism and the movement of the Gregorian reform. The Order was born quietly in Jerusalem, liberated by the Franks in the Holy City at the end of the first crusade (1095-1099). The United Latin then formed (Edessa, Antioch, Tripoli and the kingdom of Jerusalem) must be defended, because the Muslims of Damascus and Aleppo were soon reorganized; and you also need to protect the many Western pilgrims who visit the Holy Sepulchre. We must therefore place their men in these states and be able to quickly mobilize an army, since that is not sufficient.

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